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Thomas Troward defines the Spirit as "the non-physical part of who we are". 

Then, how does one experience Spirituality? The question is difficult to answer, complicated and obscure. In the past, it was experienced in many ways – through music, religion, meditation and dance. One’s spiritual experience is their own and everyone’s journey on the spiritual path is unique to the person involved. 

Spirituality can be characterized as humanity’s desire to always “be better”, to make life easier and more convenient.  However, the more people try to meet their external needs, the more incomplete and dissatisfied they feel. This constant feeling of incompleteness, this feeling of “I am still missing something” continues to grow and get stronger. 

This missing “something”, is the lack of balance between the external and internal world.  More and more, nations and ultimately the world, are calling for a deep dive into the depths of our beings - to help us grow and evolve as individuals. 

Spirituality is an individual’s journey of growth. We are like the noisy, disturbed river trying to merge back with the calm and peaceful ocean. Spirituality is growing from being a river to being the ocean; becoming one with your true self. This journey leads one to a single realization - the realization of "Oneness"


Human tendency is to easily be distracted.  Satsangs are one of the pillar to help us to continuously grow and evolve on the path of spirituality.  These community gathering are infused with positive energy, imbued with music to move your soul and inspirational talks to keep your tree of Brahm Gyan spirituality growing.  Insights from people who have and are walking on this path before are shared to help support us on our journey.

You are bound to feel recharged and uplifted after attending one of our satsangs, held at all of the Divine Light Awakening Center locations


Humility and compassion are the two greatest qualities that help us grow continuously on the path of spirituality. Through serving others selflessly we grow and cultivate these qualities.


As we take a journey, it is important to stop and smell the roses, to see the sunset, enjoy the moment. Similarly on the spiritual journey there is importance to being still and reflecting within. Through the technique of Brahm Gyan, the inner universe is unlocked to you. Needless to say the experiences are endless!


Remaining true to our Self in our everyday lives is a real test of walking the spiritual path. We may face many different situations in our daily lives - good, bad, difficult. Simran is the technique to help us remain connected to our Self as it can be practised through-out the day and during all life’s activities.  Through continuous practise one becomes conscious and focused in every waking moment!

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