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                   Brahm  Gyan

Self-realization is not the privilege of few but the right of all. – Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji

Brahm Gyan means Divine Knowledge, or Knowledge of the Self.  By obtaining this eternal Vedic technique, one can - through diligent practice experience and realize the 'Self'. The resplendent light of God dwells within each of us and is also known as the 'Self' or Soul.

The majority of people have learned about a Higher Power through lectures, religious discourses, books and discussions. This information helps point us in the direction of the inner path, however, it does not provide the practical knowledge, experience and realization of the Self. Therefore, all the Holy Scriptures and enlightened Saints and Seers have always encouraged man to get initiated into the practical knowledge of the Self – ‘Brahm Gyan’.

Receiving the technique of Brahm Gyan (Divine Knowledge) will give the individual the extraordinary experience of the soul in four ways - the Divine Light, Music, the Holy Sound and Nectar.

DIVINE LIGHT: In order to diminish darkness, light has to be lit. Just like the sun is the source of energy in the world, the first experience of Brahm Gyan is awakening that inner sun that is the source of our energy in the inner world.

MUSIC: Our entire body works in a rhythm; we create music at every moment. The second experience of Brahm gyan is to connect to this vibration within, listen to music that moves our soul and leaves us mesmerized.

HOLY NAME: Our Prana, our energy is concentrated in our energy centers. Being able to control and direct this energy to flow freely is the third experience of Gyan.

NECTAR: Purification with water is a universally accepted practise. Awakening the flow of the nectar within to purify our thoughts is the fourth experience of Brahm Gyan.


  • Develop Positive Thought Patterns

  • Strengthen Intuition

  • Eliminate Stress 

  • Activate Body's Natural Healing System 

  • Boost Creativity

  • Enhance Performance 



  1. Attend Satsang: Every aspirant is required to know about practical spirituality in its true sense, as per our sacred texts. To know this, the aspirant must attend Satsang and listen to the spiritual discourses conducted by the preacher.  Please see the calendar to find a location where Satsang is held.

  2. Clear Any Queries and Doubts: Aspirants should clear any confusion and clarify any spiritual queries to our authorized Preachers.

  3. Be Thirsty To Know God: Once queries are clarified and the Preacher is assured that the individual is well conversant with the basics of Spirituality and, above all, has a genuine thirst for the perception of God, the individual is allowed to go for Initiation into Brahm Gyan.

There are no fees to interact with our Preachers or to receive Brahm Gyan.

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